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stainless steel mold from The Rodon GroupA mold is a hollow form typically made from stainless steel that has plastic injected into it to manufacture a plastic part. The plastic is inserted into the mold cavity, which is a hole in the mold shaped like the desired part. Molds are only used in mass production because of the cost involved in designing and manufacturing them. Because molds are critical to the production process, it is essential they are accurately made.

Multi-Cavity Injection Molds

A multi-cavity mold has more than one cavity of the same part, and it produces more than one part per production cycle. Because of the shorter lead time per batch, using a multi-cavity mold results in a faster completion of the desired number of parts. This increases productivity and produces a better yield rate for higher volume runs.

Multi-cavity molds also allow you to make more efficient use of the cycle time and produce more parts from the same mold within the shot guarantee. At The Rodon Group, our multi-cavity molds ensure you get quality parts while maintaining precision tolerances and optimizing cycle times.

Family Injection Molds

A family injection mold has more than one cavity cut into the mold, allowing multiple various parts with the same material to be formed in a single cycle. Each cavity usually forms a different part, which is ideal for prototype molds because of the fast molding cycles.

However, family molds usually aren’t balanced when they are filling out because the parts often have different shapes, which can lead to an increase in molding defects. This is one of the primary reasons why we do not build family molds at The Rodon Group.

When the multiple parts come out of the mold, there is a lot more handling needed to separate the parts. That typically involves a greater level of manual labor since automation doesn’t work as well in the separation process.

With the higher defect rate of family molds, they are typically less expensive than multi- cavity molds. 

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