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Plastic injection molding enables high-volume production of plastic parts made from a range of thermoplastic polymers. In the construction industry, these parts are used in flooring and roofing products as well as construction tools and heavy equipment. This blog explores the role of injection molding in creating durable plastic components and assemblies for everything from conventional construction applications to innovative SillDry window and door flashing technologies.

Design & Material Selection Considerations

When designing an injection-molded part, it is important to choose a material that can withstand the mechanical demands and environmental conditions of the given application. Working with several commodity and specialty plastics, The Rodon Group guides clients through the material selection and design process to create custom injection-molded solutions for various construction and building applications. Our material selection includes:

  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS): High impact strength and corrosion resistance make ABS ideal for creating pipe fittings and protective tool housings.
  • Polyamide (Nylon): Nylon is strong, waterproof, and fast-drying, making it well suited for injection-molded pipe fittings, bearings, and other components used in high-moisture environments.
  • High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS): Offering exceptional impact resistance, HIPS is commonly used to create durable housings and components for heavy-duty construction equipment.
  • Low-Density and High-Density Polyethylene (LDPE and HDPE): LDPE is ideal for fabricating lightweight components, while higher-strength HDPE is better suited for pipe connectors and rigid building materials.
  • Polycarbonate (PC): Polycarbonate is lightweight and transparent, making it a great material for machinery guards and clear tubing.
  • Polypropylene (PP): Offering high resistance to chemicals, impact, and mechanical stress, polypropylene is commonly molded into equipment housings, machinery components, and more.

Our Injection Molding Certifications

pg-img-22Partnering with a qualified and certified plastic injection molder is essential for ensuring compliance with the construction industry's strict safety and quality standards. At The Rodon Group, our multilevel approach to quality management involves:

  • Two-step quality inspection: Our two-part quality inspection process includes two carefully coordinated inspection phases: first-piece and in-process. Prior to production, first-piece inspections are performed in the laboratory by checking dimensions, functionality, and appearance. Once parts are in production, in-process inspections are performed by sampling parts and verifying their compliance with the required specifications.
  • Numerous certifications: We operate in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing standards and maintain several industry-specific certifications to meet the needs of a diverse client base. 
  • Quality laboratory: Our laboratory is fully equipped with the latest measurement devices, inspection tools, and testing equipment.

Our Partnership with SillDry

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Through our partnership with SillDry, we help create advanced window and door flashing solutions for architects, builders, contractors, and other industry professionals. SillDry's injection-molded, one-piece expandable design is key to its success, allowing it to outperform conventional flashing products when it comes to easy installation and reliable prevention of water intrusion. Benefits and features include:

  • Revolutionary design: SillDry's innovative patented design includes:
    • ASTM-compliant pre-sloped sill
    • Precision-engineered drainage channels
    • Raised dam to prevent interior water intrusion
  • Cost and time savings: The self-leveling, one-piece accordion design ensures quick and easy installation, saving contractors time and money during the building process.
  • Unparalleled versatility: Designed with the needs of contractors and designers in mind, SillDry fits windows ranging standard from 18 to 154 inches and larger sizes available on a custom basis. SillDry is compatible with virtually all standard commercial and residential construction materials. 
  • Durable construction: Made from injection-molded thermoplastic olefin (TPO), SillDry creates a reliable water-tight seal while withstanding temperature fluctuations, UV exposure, and impact.

Why You Should Work with The Rodon Group For Your Injection Molding Projects

Leveraging over 60 years of experience, The Rodon Group creates high-quality, industry-compliant injection-molded plastic components and materials for a range of building and construction applications. To learn more about our injection molding capabilities in this industry and others, request a quote or contact us at 2800 Sterling Drive, Hatfield, PA 19440 or by calling 215.822.5544

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