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There is no better time than the Fourth of July to begin a "Made in America" buying tradition. You can start by checking labels. Nutrition labeling on food tell you what contents are in a product. Country of origin labeling tells you where the contents came from and where they were assembled. With a few exceptions, the government does not require this labeling; however companies are typically proud to display their "Made in the USA" origin. More than ever, American consumers are looking to purchase products manufactured here, support jobs throughout our country and fair working conditions, and ensure quality products.  


Tips on buying American-made

Here are a 4 key tips to follow to help you find American-made products throughout the year: 1) Whenever possible, patronize local retailers. Very often these retailers offer products that are made locally if not regionally. They are also better versed on the origin of the products they carry plus you're helping to support your local neighborhood shops.  

2) Check labels! There is a difference between "Made in the USA" and "Made in America". Confusing, right?  The website covers exactly what to look for and how.  Check out their post here.

3) Making home repairs or purchases? Be sure to mention you are interested in using Made in America products. This is not as easy as it seems. An ABC News program hosted by David Muir highlighted the need to support American companies that are manufacturing in our country. A real eye opener, this investigative report is available online.

4) Buy quality, not quantity. While the lure of cheap imported products can be enticing, higher quality American-made products will last for years to come. You may pay more initially, but you will save money in the long run.

Utilize the internet to help with your search 

It can be a challenge to find American-made products, especially in retail stores. We all lead busy lives, so you may want to take advantage of the many websites that feature consumer goods produced in the U.S.  We have included a short list of websites that you may want to use to get started.

American Made Matters

USA Love List 

The Made in America Movement 

American Made Everything

Buy American Store

American's Working 

Buy Direct USA

Put your money to work for America

According to the website Made in the “If every American spent an extra $3.33 on U.S.-made products, it would create almost 10,000 new jobs. And, if every builder used just 5 percent more American-made products, it would create 220,000 jobs.” It is clear, that each one of us can have a positive impact on our economy by simply making the decision to buy products made at home. We hope these tips and resources will help you begin your “Buy American” tradition.


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