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The Rodon Group Proves they are Committed to Reduce their Carbon Footprint by Signing an Agreement with North America’s Leading Demand Response Provider.

The Rodon Group is now enjoying the financial and environmental benefits of participating in a demand response program with Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc (ECS).

ECS, the leading privately held demand response provider in North America, is proud to announce that The Rodon Group has made ECS their official demand response provider.  Not only is The Rodon Group committed to helping ECS spread the awareness of the benefits of demand response, the energy they are planning to curtail will have a profound effect on the local environment.  By enrolling in ECS’ PowerPay! PJM program, The Rodon Group has committed to reducing their electrical usage during times of grid instability.

ECS logo for Ronon resized 600ECS has been a leader in the demand response industry since its inception in 2001.  Since then, ECS has experienced considerable growth and now represents over 10,000 customers nationwide.  PowerPay! participants are paid for agreeing to voluntarily reduce their electricity consumption for a short period of time during critical periods of demand.  Participants are typically asked to decrease their electricity usage only when the electric grid is strained and in the need of help to avoid blackouts.

Rodon discovered the benefits of demand response more than three years ago. We researched the process and decided to join a DR program though a third party provider. Our thinking was we can receive a demand response event notice allowing us to plan for an orderly shut-down and be paid for participating or we can experience a surprise power disruption from which we'll need to scramble to recover and likely have product to scrap because of it. It was a win-win decision.” said Jack McPherson, Technical Manager at The Rodon Group. “Last May our original three year contract expired. So before we just renewed, we took our time and researched larger DR providers, finally picking ECS- Energy Curtailment Specialists. We liked their openness to communicate, demand response payment split and found that their customer base is more aligned with our business model.”

The Rodon Group’s environmental stewardship goes beyond participating in ECS’ demand response program.  ECS has also donated 10 trees to one of America's national forests on behalf of The Rodon Group through the Arbor Day Foundation and ECS’ Green Roots Initiative. Through the Green Roots Initiative, ECS projects they will donate nearly 10,000 trees annually.  ECS will provide a certificate and plaque to The Rodon Group to commemorate their commitment to “Go Green” and also to inform the honoree which national forest the trees will be planted in.

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, over the course of 50 years, a single tree can generate $31,250 worth of oxygen, provide $62,000 worth of air pollution control, recycle $37,500 worth of water, and control $31,500 worth of soil erosion. "The commitment by ECS to plant trees will have a lasting impact on our environment," said Matt Harris, president of the Arbor Day Foundation. "The trees planted by ECS will help restore wildlife habitat, clean the air we breathe and protect soil and waterways. We commend ECS for planting trees in honor of its customers."

“We are extremely pleased to have The Rodon Group
as an ECS customer,” remarked Jim Korczykowski, President of ECS , “they will now begin to see significant payments without exposing themselves to any risks whatsoever. Clearly, The Rodon Group is serious about reducing their carbon footprint and increasing grid stability within their community.”    

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