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We have all experienced the thrill of getting a deal in our personal lives, so it only makes sense to look for money saving opportunities in business as well.  In the world of injection molding, however, you may end up paying more in the long run for an inexpensive mold.   This is particularly true when you need to produce a high volume of parts or parts that need to meet exact specifications.  If you are making forks and knives, a lesser quality mold may suffice.  However,  if you are an OEM looking to produce parts for a quality application, you must look at the true cost of the mold.

Injection mold making

Here are some considerations:

Do you require large quantities of parts?

Cheaper molds are not made for high-quantity production.  They often need retooling which adds labor costs, as well as costly delays in production.

Do your products require high-tolerances?

More than ever, plastic injection molded parts need to meet exact specifications.  Less expensive molds may not provide the tolerances required and can leave flashing, ejector pin and machining marks, and discoloration.

Do you need the parts produced quickly?

Higher quality molds can produce parts at a much higher-speed thus reducing
costs.  Faster cycle times accelerate your time to market.

Do you understand how to effectively cost out a mold?

If you have never purchased a mold before, you may want to enlist the help of a consultant who knows the questions to ask and how to get comparable bids from vendors.  Often off-shore sources will underbid American mold makers.  These lower costs may look enticing at first, but you may not be getting the mold you need.

Is your mold maker also going to produce the parts? 

Some plastic injection companies offer mold design and production as part of a turnkey manufacturing solution.  It is in their best interest to create a mold that will perform to the exact specifications you require.

At Rodon, we pride ourselves on offering a full-service solution for high-volume plastic injection parts.  We design, build, and process out any production problems before they begin.  And, we stand behind our molds 100%.  We have built our reputation on providing the highest quality production of injection molded plastic components at highly competitive prices. Contact us to learn more about out capabilities.


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