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When Marketing Sherpa heard about the marketing campaign developed by Kevin McGrath, Vice President of Marketing at The Rodon Group, they were anxious to get the full story.  During a day long interview, David Kirkpatrick, Senior Reporter at Sherpa, discovered how one powerful phase can create the future direction of a company.

 Low pricing through manufacturing innovation

Here are excerpts from the article.

"The "Cheaper than China" effort has been in place at Rodon for a couple of years, and combining that specific rebranding with an increased marketing strategy across many channels and tactics has provided solid results for the marketing team:

95% of one toy manufacturer's parts (several billion parts) are now produced in the United States

33% increase in Rodon's sales over three years

120% increase in website visits

450% increase in organic website traffic

The impetus for the campaign — actively marketing that Rodon could meet, or beat, the prices of Chinese parts manufacturers — was a bold declaration by the marketing team. McGrath said that attitude was the key takeaway for the effort. He explained, "If you truly believe in something, and you believe it to be true, it's not arrogant." He said early in campaign, the team knew it was ruffling feathers, even to the point that Chinese manufacturers would contact Rodon and challenge that the company could actually compete on price. McGrath stated the campaign will influence future branding and marketing decisions. "I won't hesitate next time that if I truly believe that [the marketing message] is a fact, it needs to be expressed," he said."

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