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For over six decades, The Rodon Group has provided innovative manufacturing solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified plastic injection molder, we offer high-quality custom parts in high volumes and at low costs to clients in the following industries:

Building and Construction

The Rodon Group parts

While plastic injection molding is a versatile process that has application in countless industries, it is becoming increasingly valuable to the construction industry. Some of the characteristics of custom injection molded parts that make them suitable for construction applications include:

· High material stability

· High durability when exposed to the elements

· Greater cost-effectiveness compared to metal and wood alternatives

· High energy efficiency

· Material recyclability

· Lightweight

· Wide range of material and finish options available

Manufacturers use plastic injection molding to produce a variety of affordable construction parts and products, such as hand tools, fasteners, and large and small accessories.

Food and Beverage

Parts and components used in food and beverage processing facilities must comply with safety guidelines. These include FDA certification and GMA-safe compliance, to ensure sanitary product manufacturing and protect the well-being of consumers. To meet these standards, plastic injection molded parts produced for these industries are made with food-grade materials, which are typically non-toxic and BPA-free.

The Rodon Group food and beverage parts

As an ISO-certified and FDA, GMA-safe, and HACCP-compliant manufacturer, we are capable of producing food-grade plastic parts. Additionally, our products meet various food and beverage industry requirements and specifications, such as using chemical resistant, UV resistant, and autoclavable materials.

Our injection molding services are used to produce a variety of parts for food and beverage processing and packaging applications, including:

· Beverage overcaps

· Conveyor system components

· Beverage filtering components

· Food and beverage containers

· Processing equipment components

As our facility is fully equipped with automation technology and robotic processes, we can fulfill high volume custom orders and provide our clients with high-quality molding solutions that are both cost and time effective.

Medical and Pharmaceuticals

As medical and pharmaceutical products are generally tied to an individual’s health and safety, ensuring quality throughout the entire manufacturing process—from the initial design phase to final inspection—is essential

At The Rodon Group, we are a full-service, turnkey plastic injection molding provider. As such, our comprehensive capabilities allow our clients to trace the production of their parts from start to finish with complete transparency and accountability. Additionally, our injection molded parts meet the stringent specifications of the medical industry, such as ISO certification and the use of FDA/medical-grade resins.

The Rodon Group medical and pharma parts

Our injection molding capabilities offer several advantages to the medical and pharmaceutical industry, including:

· Use of food-grade and engineering-grade plastic resins with excellent physical and chemical properties, including resistance to extreme temperatures, high tensile strength, and tight tolerances that are comparable to those of metal alternatives

· Reduced part weight

· High quality and repeatable part production

· Superior design flexibility

· Rapid fulfillment of high volume orders

· Minimized material waste, lead time, and overall costs

· Reduced patient risk

Some of the medical parts that we have produced for our past medical and pharmaceutical customers include:

· Diagnostic test kits

· Products for surgical prep

· X-ray components for the dental field

Point of Purchase

The Rodon Group POP parts

Point of purchase (POP) display components are designed to be functional and decorative, requiring a balance of durable construction and aesthetic appeal.

At The Rodon Group, we manufacture a variety of POP products, such as:

· Shelf dividers

· Pegboard hooks

· Product stops

Our tight tolerance injection molding process and a wide range of customization capabilities allow us to provide durable and cost-effective POP display solutions.

Windows and Doors

The Rodon Group window and door parts

Since 2010, we have designed and manufactured high quality, low-cost window and door solutions tailored to specific customer needs. Some characteristics of our window and door products include:

· Exceptional weatherability

· Excellent thermal insulation

· Wide range of material options, including high-reliability resins, UV-inhibited engineered nylon, polypropylene, Celcon, and vinyl

· High corrosion resistance (due to use of plastic materials)

· Minimal assembly time and costs

Product features and benefits include:

  • Redesigned products minimize assembly and reduce costs
  • Innovative use of high-reliability resins to replace metal components
  • Plastic springs eliminate the possibility of rust corrosion

We commonly manufacture a variety of window and door components, such as:

  • Hole plugs
  • Locks and keepers
  • Muntin bar clips
  • Muntin joiners
  • Sash handles
  • Tilt latches
  • Vent stops
  • Weep covers
  • Window handles
  • Window roller assembly
  • Window screen corners
  • Window stops

Besides our standard part offerings (e.g., screen corners, hole plugs, and grid clips), we also offer customized part services, including:

· In-house part and tool design

· Mold fabrication and production

· Highly innovative and cost-saving custom design services

· A comprehensive turnkey approach to the client’s project

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